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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hip hip horray!
We have made it to the half way point.
30 second dance party.....go!

Now back to buisness.
Wednesdays are for windows.
I am teaming up for a sponsor post with Melbourne Blind Company to talk just them.

It's tough choosing the right coverings for your home, so I have brought in the the pro's to help you out.

Adding texture to windows in my personal fav.

{matchstick blind}

Let me introduce you to  Danielle, she will be your tour guide to all things windows today.


Blind experiment: Choosing the right blinds for your home

Every home has windows. One of the main functions of a window is to let light into a room and provide a view to the outside world. But what about when you need to block out the light and make the inside of your home invisible to the outside world? That's where blinds come in! Blinds are the perfect way to block, regulate or stream the amount of light that enters your home. Use them to spy on your neighbours or stop your neighbours spying on you.

{roller blinds}

There are so many different types of blinds. You need to pick the right ones for your room. The right blind will be determined by the room you are putting it in: the design, colour scheme and interior decoration as well as the type of window it covers. Here are some examples of different types of modern blinds: honeycomb, roller, roman, shutters, venetian and vertical. Roman might suit your living room, whereas shutters can be popular for bedrooms and venetians for bathrooms. Or perhaps you want to use a uniform style of blind throughout your home. There are four big functional concerns you should have in mind when picking out your blinds. They are; aesthetics, energy efficiency, privacy, and shading.


To choose the right blinds you'll need to do a lot of looking around, to make sure that the blinds you choose are something you'll want in your home for a long time. Look at dedicated blind companies like Melbourne Blind Company and browse some different ranges.


Wow so many options....its nice to know that we can fall back on such knowledgeable companies for help.
Melbourne has a great staff ready to assist you with any question.
Thanks for the insight Danielle.


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