Burly burly wood grains......

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We have had some beautiful wood pieces come into the store lately which has turned my eye from painted pieces to big burly ones.....the way I like my men. Ok well we are not here to talk about men... this is not that kind of blog.
Not today.

As of late I am smitten with burl wood.
The golden grains, and swirly pattern....ahhhh I swoon.

Don't you agree?
I am pretty sure that every home needs a grand beauty like these ones.

Can you believe this island?
I would die to be putting that into my new kitchen....pretty sure its out of my league budget.
I am weak in the knees.

Soooooo, can you guess what I am in the market for now?
A big burly..........credenza!
What?  You thought I was going to say man?
I have one.


Images via here.


  1. I love it, especially that kitchen island!
    xo Nancy

  2. I love it as well. I think it adds such a cozy feel to a space.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  3. Hahaha you crack me up! I like my men burly too... I guess Crossfit will do that to ya! ;) I'm feeling burl wood lately too, it's definitely becoming a trend! Have you seen Danika Herrick (Gorgeous Shiny Things) latest project on Instagram?? If not, then you SHOULD!

    Much Love,

  4. too funny!! Yes, I agree pieces in this wood are divine and beautiful and manly all at the same time. I will keep an eye out for you!

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