I need more hand sanitizer....

Monday, March 25, 2013

You know that the FDA now recommends you wash your hands for two run troughs of the ABC's or Happy Birthday song?
That's a long time.
You better have a cool sink to look at while you wash those patties.

Our master bath is one of the big things we plan to do differently this time around.
I need a much more open space.
We have double sinks, but this time they need a little more personality.

Oooo the brass pipes have my head spinning.

But these sinks have my heart. 
I would have used vintage mirrors, but I love how they stand in front of the windows.
We plan to have black framed windows EVERYWHERE to!
And natural light...only the best light for makeup application duh!
Hubby is not to on board with this, only because I am usually in my birthday suit doing my hair and makeup. 
The mirrors would block that right?
The other parts are below the sink...so I see no problem.

There are all kinds of issues when your choosing the right sinks for your space.
It can be really overwhelming.
I cam across this site that has a buyers guide of sorts.
Really helpful....check their page bathroom sink guide for some tips.

I could get on this train to.
What's about you....any sink talk?
Kinda like potty talk only not.



  1. Oh this is *infinitely* more fun than potty talk (c; That last sink is just to. die. for. I know that the open underneath isn't all that practical...let's face it, I need to hide a LOT of crap...but daaaaaang if isn't just *SO* attractive! And I'm all for the windows...besides, it might make your neighbors like you *better*, right? (c;

  2. agreed! A nice sink area is key! I have been looking for some cool bathroom sconces....any ideas for something exciting?

  3. All sink designs and placement is awesome. All sinks are looking latest designs. I like your first picture because white color always inspiring me. And you know in my house almost everything is white like dinning room wall white washing is white, living room furniture is white, my bedroom is combination of white and black.


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