Spring Clean: Closet Adddition

Friday, March 22, 2013

I am I crazy to admit I kind like spring cleaning?
Something about fresh organized spaces makes me happy.
I like the purging of unneeded items a lot.

Because it's just about time to switch out wardrobe seasons lets talk closets.
Its all about the right tools.
 It should still look pretty....stores are stocked with great baskets and boxes.
Be creative.

I am for sizzle using a few if these to spruce up my space.

And because I think we can all use a little help I put together a list of tips to get you rolling.

Have a happy weekend and go clean something!



  1. Hahaha..lovely...thanks for sharing..;)

  2. Fun purging isn't it? Enjoy your new organized closet! It feels as good as a new outfit!
    xo Nancy


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