Round Me Casa: Food Addition

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I know this is not a food blog and I am not a trained chef, but I am about to keep it real.
The good the bad and the ugly embarassing.
 I know I am never going to get the Mother of the year award, but things have gotten pretty pathetic around here.
I mean I am pretty sure that if I don't do some grocery shopping asap people are going to start dropping like flies.

We have all had the oh S*** moment when you realize you have nothing planned for dinner yay?
Last night I was there.
Only due to my lack of shopping and my refusal to make one more trip to town this is what was lurking in the fridge.

A whole lot of nothing.
 Some baking soda and an olive tray.
Hey, this a judge free zone.
I am being real.

Mamas got to get creative.

There were a few condiments.
Maybe I could make some pasta rolls?
Pretty sure we have a can of pasta sauce lying around the pantry.

Snap we are in biznazzz.

Browned up the turkey and garlic.
Added chopped spinach {gotta squeeze in a veggie} till it wilted.
I do have spices so in went oregano, parsley, and basil...about 1 Tsp of all.

Beat two egg whites and added two cups cottage cheese.
Plus two TBS Parm. and Fetta cheese.
Tossed that in with browned turkey.

Cooked up 9 whole grain lasagna noodles.
{Do I get points for the wholegrain?}
Spread my mix and rolled those suckers up!

I used my fancy 8x8 pan with a little sauce in the bottom.
Poured the remaining sauce over top added extra cheese and covered with foil.

375 degrees 40 minutes until bubbly! 

I impressed myself on this one.
Really tasty to boot.
I even used left over cibatta bread to make garlic ranch toast.
You kinda want the word on that one to huh?



  1. Amanda!! So impressed! You are so creative and it looks yummy too :)

  2. Uh hello yes you are mom of the year! I'm not a mom yet but I would have certainly given up and settled on Mickey Dee's!


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