It's a guest post Friday....plusss Easter weekend!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter weekend in March???
Semi booo to that, but I am in sunny Arizonia so I will keep the complaints minimal.
It's our Spring Break!
Can't wait to hear all about the sweet filled weekend ya'll have.
While I am away playing I have a guest post....enjoy your egg hunts and I will see you all back same place Monday.

Furniture That Inspires and Impresses
Like many other things that we see – buildings, trees, clothes, people – furniture also has the ability to impress and inspire us. There are two types of inspirational and impressive pieces of furniture: those that you admire on TV shows, movies and in fancy home décor magazines and those that you would do anything to acquire.

Yes or no to luxury furniture?

I can picture myself sitting in one of these soft, velvety armchairs and admiring the impeccable space I’m in, but I can’t picture myself putting my feet on the table or accidentally spilling tea anywhere, because I think I would have a heart attack. No, luxury furniture is definitely not something I would find inspirational in my own home.

This, on the other hand, is definitely worth considering:

I love the richness of colour in this home. Though I’m pretty sure this home is expensive, I feel that this happy rug, lively wall colours and interesting details stylishly set up around the rooms would keep my mood up while I’m there. And I’m sure those dark, comfy armchairs are a delight to fall asleep in.

Choosing furniture that fits you

One of the things I learned in the past couple of years of shopping for furniture is that furniture has been compatible with my persona. No matter how much I love to see a wild home décor experiment with colours, I doubt I would find it so impressive after a while of living in it. It would probably hurt my eyes.

Everything inside my home has to fit me: wall colours, decorative objects, sofas, armchairs, rugs, curtains – everything. And, of course, the objects around me have to be subtle enough not to scare away my guests, but visually pleasing and impressive at the same time. It is enough to have one piece of furniture per room in order to get that effect.

A single inspirational detail

That single detail that sometimes carries the weight of the entire room can be as big as a bedroom bed, or as small as an ancient-looking vase with beautiful flowers in it. lists truly amazing collection of vases. Don’t forget to give it a look.

People who like innovation and simply want something different from ordinary, love to have interestingly carved sculptures or unusual wooden tables and chairs in their living room.

Others are into modern furniture and pop art walls.

Furniture shopping do’s and don’ts

To sum it all up, I’ll make a short list of what to watch out for when shopping for furniture. Whether you like to go to a store and try out the furniture, or you trust the Internet and reliable vendors like, there are a few rules that you should be aware of. 


• When purchasing a piece of furniture, do take into consideration how it will fit in with other details in the room.
• Do spend several minutes looking at it and contemplating how it will make you feel after you get used to it.
• Do think about whether it is too exotic or too dull to be a part of your home. 



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