A Baby Kit Surprise...by kit I mean bunnies.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Alright I didn't want to post about this yesterday because the dang day was April Fools and ya'll probably wouldn't believe....but we for realz we came home from Easter Break to Easter Bunnies!

We have a pair of purebred mini rex bunnies, Coco Channel and Louis Vitton.
 I am sure you have seen insta pics of my kids walking them on a leash.
What? They like it.

My kids decided they wanted to bred and raise the babies to make money.
Screw a lemonade stand these kids are going big.
Pretty sure that entrepreneur gene comes from me.

We did a little research, I was thinking that it was like 8 weeks before baby births, I sure did read that wrong!
Try 30 days.
To say I was shocked would be an understatement!

We are pretty bunny obsessed at the moment so what better time to put together a collection of pretty bunny and people photography non?

I was never much of a pet lover until we squeezed our bun buns.
I do think there is something magical for children and a fury companion.

Bunnies are an underrated pet with super low maintenance. 
Potty trained they are.
Just sayin.

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  1. Holy cuteness!! I love, love bunnies...I've actually nicknamed our new little dude Bunny:)

  2. OMG!!! if you were our neighbors we would live in your home....I'm pretty sure my daughter would never leave!! too cute!!

  3. Oh my crazy...I had no idea you had bunnies! And there couldn't be a more perfect Easter surprise than baby bunnies! Cutest. thing. ever.

  4. Just like magic! How decent of them to spare you the labor and delivery :-)

    She's a good Mama!

  5. Adorable!!! Bunnies are so cute ...!
    So happy Easter bunnies to you!


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