Rain rain go away....

Friday, March 8, 2013

I have Spring fever.
Like bad.
Cedar is not cooperating with me, all we have is rain.
On the bright side it's not snow.

We did get these sassy little boots in my shop yesturday.

$39 too!
I feel Spring-ish when I sport them.

On the topic of yellow, we also got this skirt.

And the Beatles tee...which we are almost sold our of.

It's feels a lot like this one.
Now I need cobalt heels.

What colors are adding a little sunshine to you disposition? 
Hope it's a lovely sunny weekend!


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  1. Oh I'm a yellow-lovin' girl, through and through!!! That skirt is spectacular...I'm really cursing the fact that pretty much nothing is going to fit me in a month or two. Blasted pregnancy, it really throws a kink in my fashion (c;


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