Blue Tribal Print Display Case.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Well folks it's finally here.
All my hinting and teasing is over.
Hope you have been following along with all the other blogger projects...there are some doozies.

I may be bias but I think mine is pretty legit myself.
Here's the deets.
I picked the color blue and fell head over heels for this "Georgian Bay" number.
And since one of the things that make me unique is the fact I own a vintage furniture boutique, I had to do something for this lil' shop o' mine.

I needed another way to display small objects and my bro in-law came across this piece {ummm yeah he finds me stuffs.}

Scary right?
Well read on to see the transformation.

I striped off the broken hugemungus plexi-glass, you kinda needed to have two guys if you ever planned to open that sucker.
A thick coat of the SW Primer and we were about ready to dress her up.
I used a professorial paint sprayer, maybe cheating but we do a lot of custom pieces at the shop.
If you don't have one this stuff is super easy to brush or roll like normal.

After drying over night I broke out my paint marker.
 Inspired by all the fabulous mud cloth designs, I quickly sketched out a design and went free hand.

Worst case I could repaint and start over...lucky for me this type of design is super forgiving.
Pretty sure I may have gotten carpal tunnel from all the hand painting but I am in love with how it turned out.

A lucite rod to the back for scarf storage, and now my scarves had a new home.
They look so cute all lined up too.

And just like that it's magically staged, holding tons of tiny babbles.
Don't you just love the original circle hardware?

All this work wouldn't be complete without an insider peek of my local SW peeps and retail store.
Shout out to Kenny and Catherine, you make painting so much fun!

Do you know your SW team?

If you still need a little more blue, check out the Decor Chick.
Thanks again to Sherwin Williams for sponsoring this post and all the epic projects.
Get ready for a little pop of orange tomorrow with Design Crush and Brick House .
Their about to blow your mind!



  1. I LOVE it!! Great job, lady! That looks amazing compared to what it started out as... You've got some skills.

    Much Love,

  2. COngrats!! Its awesome! This is a 180 transformation! Love it!


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