Round the shop: Cloche Addition.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring has sprung here....finally.
The winds are still buggin' but hey that's Cedar for ya.
We have been busy little worker bees unpack-aging loads of new items for the shop, I have become pretty obsessed with all the gorgeous Cloche's we have gotten in.
So many stunning shapes and sizes .

I know these have been around for ages, but I have only recently fallen in love.
The perk up any vignette.

I am going to be adding a few succulents to my space this weekend...yup already planning my weekends so what.

All three of these sizes in stock.

How cute in my little Dahl's room to add one of her baby stuffs on display.

Or my shoes.....

What would you put under glass?


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  1. I really wish I owned a pair of shoes worthy to be put under glass (c; But in the meanwhile, I <3 cloches! They can make anything look fancy/special/AWESOME.

  2. I love them...they can make anything look cooler, more important and more beautiful. I love the idea of keeping baby things inside. Cute, cute!


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