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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I spent last weekend at my Mom's in their cute little old house. Pretty much the house I spent most of my childhood. It's fun to go back with my kids and watch them play in the same play house and swing set. Nostalgia.

I knew she had been working on the guest bathroom....which use to be my bathroom. But when I saw it, I was totally blown away with the charm.....and it seems so much bigger!

Apologies for the Iphone pics, I didn't bring any other camera.

All this cuteness is from the awesome Home Depot. Well done played HD, well played. Home improvement made easy.


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  1. I'm nostalgic about my childhood, too. Just today I was telling my husband things I wanted to do because of doing them as a kid and how they brought me so much joy.

    I like the wallpaper choice.:)


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