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Friday, May 24, 2013

It is a mad house around here! The kids have all gone cray cray. The first day of summer break will do that to them.....I on one hand am looking forward to a little less schedule. Plus the moments of pure
forgetfulness....the ones that follow with "Mom what are you going to do?"

This kind of moment just happened. Now mind you it was not due to the lack of planning on my part but more the part of my daughter whom never told me she signed up to run her own store at the end of the year mini mall. This is where the kids can shop and spend all their "Mustang Money" they have earn for being good. The older kids can make and run shops to sell things like cookies, nail painting etc.

The night before this is all to go down, she springs the news on me, she has a booth! What the what?? I don't have time to make a million cookies like Betty Crocker, and some one is already doing mini manis.

This is what happens out of moments of super mom-hood. I need something quick and easy.
Then I saw them...the hidden package of jolly ranchers from the Easter Party.
Suckers were about to be born.

Jazzed up with edible gold stars......

Tied up and pretty.....

A 200 degree oven for like 8min, roll on sticks and cool. Oh and make sure to put them on parchment paper not wax!

I think this super Mom deserves a huge pat on the back! These kids will probably never realize how awesome I am till their own children surprise them with last minute kill joys!

Happy Friday...and Summer Break to some of you!


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