Tattly Tattoo Shoot Reveal.....

Monday, May 6, 2013

I am about to make your Monday a whole lot better.
I may be late getting my post up again. You will overlook it, I swear.

Remember a few weeks I posted about our hip tattoo line we started carrying in the shop?
You may have heard of them....Tattly?
Yeah, I knew you had.

To say we are obsessed would be a understatement. Lucky for me I have an out of this world handsome little person that loves tattoos. He is even camera friendly! My good friend Sara  hooked me up with an amazing photographer Jostlyn from Roz Photography. She seriously got the vision I wanted for the shoot and we had loads of fun to! 

Prepare to be overloaded with the most adorable kids sporting their favorite temporary tats. Happy Monday.

You feel better already....non?

Well then keep looking......

Tattoos are available for purchase in the shop and we will ship too! I won't give up the fly lil' boy...he's mine all mine! Huge thanks to Chloe for bearing the cold wind and bringing her fabulous hair and lips to! Your a trooper!

All images are by the amazing Roz Photography, so if you pin em' be kind and link em'.



  1. oh man - waaaaay to cute! thanks for sharing that!

  2. OMG!!! These are sooo good!! Fabulous shoot! Your boy is too cute! Love his personality

  3. Oh my goodness...they both are so cute...extra loving...their style is just awesome

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