Dahl Styles: Zara Tops

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I have created a monster. By monster I mean a seriously cool girl that loves shopping and fashion as much as her mama. Her taste may even rival mine.  Have you all met my little Haislee Dahl....or Dahl as we like to call her.  What a great job I have being able to collaborate with her on these posts. 

I am uber proud of this pic I shot after church last Sunday. I came out to leave and she was laying under the tree enjoying the sunlight. Thank the lord for iPhones or I would have missed this weirdly cool image.

No filter...just sayin.  Every week this wee one looks through the mail to find catalogs she may shop in Tea, Boden etc. but Zara.....Zara has her heart. Because of her fashion obsession and my need to post, the Dahl has put together a Spring look that will be the talk of the playground.

See I told you she was good. All pieces from Zara Girls.


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  1. Loved the top...and your cute little Haislee Dahl looks super stunning in the red outfit...muahhh...:)


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