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Monday, April 29, 2013

It's that time again....the time when I get the itch to switch up my bedding for Spring.
I am such a cold person all the time that winter bedding requires many layers.
I added an arctic fox fur comforter back in November...I thinky it's time to be stored till the next frost.

How do you all like to mix things up? I am thinking about keeping my West Elm Duvet and adding some printed sheets. I like classic, so nothing to crazy that I will get bored of. 

Your bed should feel like a luxury retreat. Something you are just dying to throw yourself onto.
A simple update on linens can often do just that.

If your like me you get super excited when you come across a new company. So when I found FRETTE I was thrilled.  I am not one to buy whole bedding sets, just to matchy matchy for my taste. 

After thumbing thru their collections I found a few instant faves. This grey and blue number would be a fun pattern to add to a Summer update.

Or this.....I must be on a blue kick....I blame it on National Paint Week.

If your super brave, what about a retro Palm Springs kinda vibe? Not for me, but gets ya in a happy mood for Monday yay?

When your in the market for new bedding I would suggest FRETTE for some really high end ideas.
Follow me on instagram here, to see which sheets I added to my shopping cart.
Peace out.


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  1. I have the itch to switch it up about every few months (c; Maybe just investing in some really awesome sheets would help to quell the cravings??? Probably not, but I'll tell myself that while I'm buying them...


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