Airstream Reno // Wallpaper Addition

Monday, June 24, 2013

Welcome back. I for one am not ready to start the week, but who really ever is right? The airstream reno has been a huge part of our weekends and its time to order paper. I want to keep it the vintage feel of the trailer but give a modern homie design.

With it being such a small Polly Pocket house, I want to use a bright bold pattern. My blog is the perfect place to lay them all out and get some opinions. Ready, set......go!

I plan to use plenty of white so this is the point in a small space to be bold and daring! 



  1. I'm not just trying to cop out and choose the first thing on there, but daaaaang, that minty goodness is so perfect! I think it would be uber awesome in the airstream...did I mention I'm totally jealous of this polly pocket house??? (c; Just checkin'.

  2. I'm obsessed with Chevron Stripes and the gray and yellow wallpaper is so perfect for any home/office! So so cute!

  3. I am with you; I am not ready to start the week. I love the bright and bold wallpaper options that you have posted.

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