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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am ashamed to admit how long it has taken me to tackle this project, and how bad it had gotten. But in the spirit of sharing and being honest things are about to get real.

I love accessories. Almost as much as my kids. Almost. I swoon for expensive pieces but will totally rock a Forever21 trend to! I am very allergic to earrings not being gold so that is limited....tragic I know.

It's time I share the state my collection has been in. Please no judging.

no that is actual dust. I said it was bad. After about 2 hours of going threw every piece and deciding what to keep and what to sell it started looking real purdy. First we must need a clean blank canvas........

I did all my favs are on showcase and I can find what I want and be inspired by more! Feels so euphoric to have this little project done! Because you all know I love vintage I picked up some fun dishes to store and display babbles. I also reused adorable boxes that some of the pieces came in like Kate Spade. Books are always a must for staking, and some-kind of bust or stand to hang the long stuff on. 

In the clean out I found a few pieces I plan to sell, so be sure to follow my instagram at recycleddesign if your interested!


  1. I love your little bowls and all your beautiful baubles. I need to do this as well...and give some stuff away....its just too much!

    1. Thanks Doll it feel so good to have tackled it!


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