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Monday, September 30, 2013

Good morning all. We rolled into town late last night so I am a bit slow on the wake up. But here's to a new week and a great one at that. I have a fun guest today...Jessica is going to be sharing a load of really great tips to make your bedroom a little more special. Enjoy xxx.


7 Tips to Create a Sensual Bedroom! 
Every woman longs for a grown-up sensual boudoir at some stage in her life. This feminine bedroom must incorporate certain features to guarantee that sensual allure, while retaining comfort, warmth and a sense of security for those nights when you sleep alone!

Cozy Rug

A soft fluffy carpet adds a look of luxury to any beautiful bedroom and enhances the sense of touch. There is something truly decadent about sinking into a carpet so deep that your toes all but vanish! Choose your bedroom carpet mainly by touch with looks coming a close second to ensure that you get the right feel for your private bedroom paradise. Broadway Carpet is a great source.

Secluded and Apart

Privacy is important in a sensual bedroom. It is hard to fully immerse yourself in a sexy bedroom if the outside world can burst in uninvited at any moment! Thick noise-dampening curtains that also keep out unwelcome daylight and intrusive glances are a must. Choose silky, satiny lined curtains to add a rich gleam to the room and keep an air of secluded glamour in the bedroom. For sexy curtains check Tesco

Sensational Bedding
There are many fabulous bedding fabrics on the market these days and nothing makes you feel more romantic and special than beautifully tactile bedding. Never choose bedding without knowing what fabric it is made from and having an idea about how it will feel. Soft, warm and sexy is how you want to feel, and the right bedding choices can make that a reality for you and your partner. For sensational bedding options, I always visit my favorite store Yorkshire linen.

Soft Lighting

Harsh, operating room brightness might be useful when you are tidying up or having a clear-out but it can completely ruin a romantic mood! Overhead lights should be combined with softer, kinder side lights, either bedside lamps or gentle uplighters, so you can adjust the levels of light according to your mood and needs.  

Banish Tech
If you have a television in your room, you either have a great big black gaping screen aimed at you or you have the television on, with all the attendant distractions. Try not to have computers, televisions or even smartphones or tablet computers in the bedroom. Your sensual bedroom is your chance to get away from the incessant demands on our eyes to 'see this', 'read that' and 'look here'. Make your bedroom the place to rest your eyes and allow your other sense to take over, especially your sense of touch. 

Candles and mirrors

The aesthetics of a sensual bedroom require small beautiful things and softly scented candles and glinting reflective mirrors are must-haves. Choose fragrances that you like, and opt for softer scents rather than stronger ones so you can sleep easily. (NB Do be careful with candles, they can be a fire hazard.

Add a Hint of Hedonism
Incorporate something unnecessary and pleasurable into your room, something that you will enjoy as a daily guilty pleasure. It could be a small box of rich chocolates, a discreet music system (the only tech that has any place in a bedroom!) or even an ice-bucket into which you can pop a bottle of champagne on special occasions. These small touches should not be indulged in everyday, but simply knowing that they are there will give you a pleasant frisson during a hard day at the office or looking after the children! 

Sensual bedrooms should act on your nerves like a soothing sedative; relaxing you, calming you down and, perhaps even getting you in the mood for romance. Make your room into a sensual and cosy haven and you will reap the benefits in all areas of life!



  1. Fab ideas! I also believe bedrooms should not have TVs..... ALl I want to do now is get back in bed! The images are so lovely!

  2. These look incredible, like from a fairy tale... Love them!

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