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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

***This post is sponsored by Shark Cleaning Products. All opinions are my own and tested.***

When Shark contacted me to review their new Steam and Mop I was over the moon. With a over 4,000 square feet to clean and lots of it wood floor, you can imagine my need for something to make my job a little easier! I really had no idea what to expect, I've used a swifter before and it was so so for a quick little mess, but with my large flooring I would have to change pads a lot. That costs $$$. 

I loved the easy steam mop feature...I use it the most. But for tough days when all the neighborhood kids have been running in with their shoes on, ugh, you know those days. The shark has a floor cleaning solution that sprays out the front for those icky messes. Bonus it smells great and doesn't leave any waxy build up. I'm sold.  

The Shark comes with a pad I can reuse by cleaning it in my washer! And it will clean all my floors on that one pad.  It does have disposable pads too, they do work much better than the other leading products. Now the true test comes, to see how easy my kids could use it. Lets be real, mamma needs help and they have chores. 

Once I taught my son how to fill it up with distilled water and put on the pad he was good to go. It's a little heavier than a swifter, but does such a great job it's worth the little arm workout. It's fun to! Really, its the chore the kids fight over?!? Go figure! 

My friends joke that my floors are clean enough to eat off of....and thanks to the Shark Steam & Mop its now so much easier to keep up! Go and buy one, it will be the best thing you do for your inner super mom! I know how hard it is to work and run a house. Anything we can to to make it less stressful is a blessing. I am also adding my daily cleaning schedule that helps me to keep my house in order and my stress way done. Keep in mind these are things the little ones can be part of too. Many hands {even little ones} make work light!

A clean house is a happy house. Huge thanks to Shark for making my mopping dreams come true and sponsoring this spotless post!  


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