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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Having kids means dealing with after school snacks. And thats hard. I hate the the words "Mom what can we have for a snack?" or even worse "What's for dinner?" Ugh kill me. But life is busy after school at least mine is. There's soccer and piano, dance lessons and rehersals. If I'm not carful they can eat a whole bag of chips with out even blinking!

I want them to have healthy choices and not put me in a pinch trying to figure out what to give them. So I decided to make a snack center for the week. Each Sunday I will add new healthy snacks.

The whole project seriously took all of 20 min to put together. And the dreaded question is answered! They pick one, and we are on the run! 

I store it all in a large bin on the bottom shelf of the fridge for short little ones to reach. They have to feel big too!

I pack this weeks snack center with:
Pita Chips & Hummus
Carrot Sticks
Trail Mix
100% Fruit Roll-Up
String Cheese
Sugar free jello…cause I had two left.

All of them are in the snack size baggies by Kroger…perfect size every time! I can't believe how easy and perfectly this works! 


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