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Friday, April 25, 2014

Heeellooo Friday! Mmmm feels good to finally be seeing the weekend right? I hope you all have been following the 7 days to Summer giveaway…we are up to 5 of the prizes! Two more to add to the pack and one lucky winner gets it all Sunday! Go here if you haven't entered.

Remember a few weeks back when I told you I was asked to team up with some amazing bloggers for this months project overhaul? Well to day is the day I get to reveal it! They have this fun concept going for the whole year where each month they accomplish a goal for their homes…small stuff that has been nagging at them to get finished! Such a great idea. I couldn't pass up this months project of revamping an old furniture piece.

First off I have to say a huge SORRY because I have no before picture. I just got so excited it flew right out of my mind! But I swear this little bugger was ugly…I had the dresser stored in my shed for a year now just deciding what to do with it…and getting the motivation. 

I loved the unique detail on the front, it's really what I fell in love with. Lacquered black was a must for me. I used a sprayer cause thats just how I roll. I know not everyone has one but it's life changing if you do. You can just brush or roll if not! The tiny gold knobs where from home depot.  

As most of you already know I own a vintage furniture boutique so we staged it in my shop. All of the cool decor can be purchased from me! But I am most proud of my amazing lucite line…its all on my website if your interested. Letter, symbols…and hashtags! Holla!

I think that to make a piece special it needs details and some of them can be pops of surprise like adding a bright unexpected color when you open a drawer! I chose this teal mostly because I already had it in the garage and it was BOLD. One of my goals this year is using more of what I already have…this includes my excess drawers of hair products I seem to hoard. Waist less, I guess. 

It really makes you happy every time you open the drawer right? I love how it turned out and have to thank Suburban Bitches for asking me to be part of this whole thing. Be sure to check out what the other ladies are up to as well….Commona my house, Life on Virginia Street, and Rosa Beltran Design! They all revamped a little something! Loads of inspiration to get you moving on an old nagging project. Happy Weekend!



  1. Looks so good. I love the peekaboo blue detail!

  2. Looks great Amanda! And thanks so much for jumping in on this month's challenge!! I know what you mean about before pictures- I almost forgot and ended up taking some less than pretty garage shots of my piece!

  3. Thanks for joining us Amanda! I LOVE your dresser - the pops of color, the gold knobs and the detail! You are seriously making me jealous with the sprayer. I think it's time to invest in one.

  4. Gorgeous re-do Amanda! Love the sexy glossy black lacquer finish, and love the way you staged it up!


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