Carry on Essentials.

Friday, May 29, 2015

It's summer time and I am sure many of us have some trips in mind so I have put together my list of the carry on essentials if you're looking for more healthy options. These are also my go to for road trips! If I don't pack well I end up eating chips and drinking soda, which ends up to make me feel bloated and just plain cranky later.

Vampire Killer Kale Chips. They get the name because they have tons of garlic…YUM! I get mine at Smiths but heres a link.

Justin's Almond Butter Mini Packs. Again at Smiths but I know Target has it too!

Kind Bars.  Currant favs are Peanut butter salted dark chocolate & Almond Coconut.

Cliff Kid Organic Fruit Rope . This cures the sweet tooth and my kids love them too. Mix Berry is our jam.

DoTerra On Guard Soft Gels. Lets be honest I am packed in a can with a bunch of germ infested humans. Better boost that immune system.

Gum….well because I have Vampire Kale :)

I always pack my Mini Instax Camera to catch special moments…they always look so much cuter in a mini polaroid

The great backpack is by Fawn Designs and it my go to for park days, beach, baseball and of course carry on.

All of my top favorites are kid approved and the littles totally enjoy. Of course they have some gummies and crap, but if I can squeeze in a few healthily options I think its a win win.  Hope you have safe travels where ever your trips take you.


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