Jord Wood Watches...and a Special Fathers Day Deal!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fathers day is just around the corner and those men can sometimes be hard to shop for. Am I right??? I know my hubby can. And lets not forget my Dad!!! Ugh the worst. But fret no more I have the perfect solution to Dad Day woes.

I am in love with easy to wear watch by the brand Jord . My man approves of them too, and let me tell you he is a watch snob thru and thru. The handcrafted wood is light weight like you're not even wearing anything at all. They comes in lots of tones and face designs. Plus the price point is also easy on the wallet.

I thought it would be fun to do a his and hers set! You know like the BFF bracelets we use to make in middle school...shhh don't tell him that! I normally don't wear watches on a daily biases, but I could really see me getting into this one because its so light and the color really lets me have freedom with my stacking. Don't want to mess up the arm party right?

So lets talk about the deal...Jord has been sweet enough to offer ya'll free sizing on all watches in time for Fathers day by using this exclusive code... AH8056342. Plus it's free shipping!  Seriously grab one of these and that special guy will not be disappointed and your job is done. Your Welcome.

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