Tuesday, July 28, 2015

To things I've learned this last month:
One- It takes a group of stand up peeps to pull off an epic fashion event.
Two-You will inevitably get sick after you spend several sleepless nights in a row pulling of said epic events. 
Now that it's over and I've had a second to recover I finally have the images to prove we did in fact hold the fashion event of the season and you will want to drop all things to be to our Holiday Look Show {TBA....later}
The night started with 20 beautiful models with hair done by my boo's from Blow Beauty and Make-Up by gorgeous Cara from Maskcara.

I am still dreaming about our delish food table by Chef Eddy...he was so good ya'll.

My favorite treat from Kilo's. If you have not had their Italian ice drenched in really are not living. 

We were lucky enough to open the show with Moxi dance team. Those girls really know how to pump up a crowd.

All the looks came from our Summer 15' collection, and modeled by adorable local women. Styling was done by LaTisha and I again using accessories from the shop.

Afterwards we kept the party going with another hip hop number, this time by Kalamity another local team. 

We really couldn't have pulled off such an epic event with out all the amazing people involved! 

How adorable is the Photobooth Bus? I could spent all day in their fun set up! It really is my dream to have a photobooth in my could you have a bad day when you can make crazy faces every morning? Not this girl!

Thanks to everyone involved and everyone that came. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram account to join us at our next one (coming this fall)
All images by Alyssa Ence Photography. Please tag if you use any. 

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