How I whitened my teeth at home….professionally.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Guys I have been wanting to whiten my chompers for awhile now....but lets be honest,  I like going to the dentist almost as much as getting a pap smear. Almost. Plus the custom fit trays they make are at least $500! And those new little teeth whitening shops are so expensive too!  I know there are loads of over the counter home options, but none of them really seemed to work, or maybe I wasn't consist or patient enough? Either way I'm lazy and want fast  professional results. Don't we all??

When the team at Smile Brilliant reached out to me at first I was like, nahhh not gonna work {don't hate me smile team} but after I looked at their stuff I was intrigued and thought what do I have to loose. I want whiter teeth right?

The system came really quick in the mail and was pretty easy to make my custom trays following their instructions.

I'm lucky to have awesomely strong teeth so the beach didn't bug me at really I've only ever had one cavity and it was when I was like 10 so pretty much doesn't count. Those were hard candy pounding days yo! I did have a little sensitivity around my gums area when the trays were on but it went away within an hour or so after i took them off. I tried to keep my trays on for at least an hour, sometimes more. The kit does come with a desensitize if your teeth do hurt which is pretty cool.

Less is defiantly more when filling the trays. I over did it on the first one and thought I was going to throw up with all the gel spilling out...eewwww!

So here's what my teeth looked like before the Smile Brilliant Kit. PS if you've never had to take
close-ups of your mouth before, don't make fun, it's totally hard and embarrassing! Try it.

Drum roll please……The afters. Grab your shades these babies are brilliant!

Pretty impressive huh? And the best part is the whole package costs $119, and lasts the rest of your life.  I just do a little touch up every so often to maintain my new dazzling smile. I give the kit two thumbs up! Grab one for yourself with the here at

Laser Teeth Whitening

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