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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Did you know you spend an average of 24 accumulated years of your life sleeping? I spend more I'm sure...sleep is so important to me. Making sure my bed is the most comfortable space I own is top of the list. You all know that 8 hrs is recommended, but if you're not getting that at least be sure what you are getting is good comfortable sleep.

The phrase "Sleep like a baby" is so funny cause if you have ever had a baby, they don't sleep that well. So in the words of nyquil, sleep like your baby went to grandmas house for the weekend!

With a few tweaks to your bed from some of my favorite bedding items you'll be deep in slumber in no time.

I recommend these down pillows from LUXEN. They are like fluffy clouds to snooze on.

Also my husband is like a nuclear space heater, so finding sheets that would help keep him from com-busting and becoming an infernal ball sweat, I snagged these Organic Bamboo Sheets. I swear they are like sliding into a smooth cool paradise. Bonus, they stay pretty crisp, I hate when sheets get wrinkled after one night!

Nobody wants to see you sleep in a nasty old tee shirt and basketball shorts. So just don't and  invest in a couple cute pieces. I'm not saying they need to be sexy, but your husband will enjoy snuggling up to a little more effort. I can't stand to much fabric when I am sleeping and I don't want to spend much money on PJs but sets like this are right up my alley.


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