4th day of Christmas Traditions with Tracy Zeller.

Friday, December 17, 2010

This post comes from one of the most sweet people I have EVER met! She is one busy bee...I see her all over the blogasphere, and she is super talented too, I will stop gushing and just introduce you to Tracy.
I absolutely love Christmas! Christmas is filled with so many wonderful traditions, from designing our holiday card to Santa's visit on Christmas Eve day. Did you know that Santa has a vacation home in Charlotte? It's actually on my street!

This year, however, I will especially appreciate the tradition of "P.J. Santa." In my family, as in many other families, Santa brings a brand-new pair of pajamas for Christmas Eve ... which makes pictures the next morning especially delightful! Of course, everyone gets to open those presents before bedtime. The problem, however, is when all the presents are wrapped ... and you can't remember which box holds the Jammie's. But when the gift tag is signed from P.J. Santa, you know exactly which box to open! A very special woman who was like a mom to me (I called her "Mom T") came up with that idea ... and it eventually grew to encompass all sorts of Santa's. A fabulous handbag might be from Stylish Santa and new running shoes from Sporty Santa. Unfortunately, Mom T passed away earlier this year and this will be my -- and, more importantly, her family's -- first Christmas without her. P.J. Santa will be one very small way (among many) in which Mom T is still with us. I love you, Mom T!

Amanda, thank you so much for having me here today! Merry Christmas to you, and happy holidays to all of your readers!


Awwh...what a sweet tradition! I love the little ones all adorable a snugly in matching P.J's. I hope this year is just a filled with great memories too, Thanks Traci. Our guest tomorrow is sooo incredibly talented!



  1. What a beautiful way to honor and remember your loved one, Traci. I know she'll be grinning down at you all.

  2. What a really lovely tradition! Enjoy the gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  3. How cute is that tradition!? (c: Thank you so, *SO* much for getting back to me on that! I was wondering if you wanted to enter my giveaway that I was hosting, but that means so much that you would've just jumped right in to get involved! THANKS! It actually closed last night, so don't worry about it...but maybe we could collaborate another time? I would love it! Merry Christmas!



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