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Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Happy Monday!
Well at least I am telling myself's really dark and gloomy with the pending rain clouds.
The bright side is maybe the fire's that are burning up half the state will get under control?

I am a little extra excited for this week because my kiddo's are gone to my Mom's "Camp Grandma" where they will bake cookies, and built fairy gardens, tour the Aviary....more fun then any group of children should be allowed to have!
Maybe by Wednesday I will want them back, but for now I am soaking up the break.
We did have a long weekend with them and since I am super busy with a client job I am cheating and just sharing some pics from the weekend.

Spent the full day at the water park. My kids are crazy cool and went on every slide even the ones that had me pooping my pants!

How about them spidey man cheeks?

2 trips to Ikea for all the faux built-in shelving for the Parade House I am designing....check.

Dinner with my man.

Extra time in bed because no one here to ask for breakfast or to change the TV channel.

 How's your Monday off too?


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