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Friday, July 13, 2012

Holy moly I am excited about this one!
I am always blown away from Nichole's style and blog.
She is a super star....and in true Parlour style her space is spot on.
Check out the insider peek exclusively for you.

Send your thanks later skater.

Hi all! This is Nichole from Parlour Home here today to talk about "where I blog from."  Very grateful to Miss Amanda for the invite.  Should be fun!  So, let's just get into it.

We just moved into our house not too long ago after moving back from the NYC area, so you'll have to forgive the lack of drapery, and the blinds and the unstyled mantle, etc., etc., etc.!  Things are still getting settled and we're keeping it real here, right?  I like to blog mostly from my living room sofa.  It's comfy and provides a good place to recline (usually with kitties snuggled in) and write.

{Me interjecting....are you just dying over her sofa and coffee table? Squeals if delight!}

Amanda was kind enough to provide a few questions to answer in order to help me along...

~What inspires you most in your space?

I'm not sure it's any one thing.  I think it's how all of it works together.  It's just about it be pleasing to the eye and comfortable enough to inspire me.

 ~What time of day do you usually blog at? 

This is going to be a little odd to most of you.  Typically it's around one or two in the morning. My hubby works nights (right now) and I have adopted his schedule so we wouldn't just see each other "coming and going."   I'm usually up super late/early in the morning and sleep super late in the afternoon.  I have to say, it's not my favorite schedule, but, it's necessary right now.

 ~What kind of attire do you usually rock? Sweats/Pj's Jeans and a tee, Workout clothes etc…. 

I'm a major fan of my comfies.  I read how other ladies get up and get dressed, put on makeup, etc. for the day.  Even while they work from home.  I am unfortunately, not one of those ladies.  I like getting dressed up as much as the next girl, but, it's just too stinking much work to get all gussied up every day... for my cats.  They love me without makeup as much as they do with.   Now obviously, if I have meetings or client work going on Nichole Loiacono Design I'm all about looking the best I can.  Otherwise, comfies it is!

~Are you overly organized?

I am not overly organized.  I am a creative type aka not the most structured thinker or worker.  I try to keep things orderly, really I do.  I know where the things I need are, but sometimes they just tend to migrate around the house.  So no, not an organizational freak.

 ~Do you jam out? To who?

 I loooooove music.   A lot.   But, typically when I am writing, I like silence.   If I have music on, I enjoy it so much, I get distracted.  Which doesn't really help on the writing front.

~If it had a signature scent what would it be?

 Well, my husband likes to joke that I'm a hippie.  I actually really enjoy incense.   I burn it quite a bit.   I am partial to a specific kind  handmade by a guy we found in Jersey.   I literally have it shipped in.   I'm that crazy about it.

 ~Tell us about your space. 

Well, it's just a typical living room.   It's where we hang out and watch TV when my hubby is home, and where I spend most of my time, when I'm home.  It has many windows, which allows a  lot of light in.  I enjoy that.  I have my coffee there when I wake up, while I check out what's happening around the design/blog world.  And, I hang there in the evening while writing and/or working.  Really for us, it's the heart of the house.

~Why did you start your blog?
~Where do you see it and you in 5 years?

I had to go back and look to see when I actually started it, which turned out to be 2009.  Crazy.  The reason was, it was a means to an end.  At the time I had just married my hubby and moved from  KC to a small town in the middle of Missouri.  I had big dreams and no way to make them happen with such limited opportunities.   I felt like I had some good ideas and I wanted to share them on a larger stage.  And so the blog was born.  It was NOT however called Parlour yet.  I initially named it Sparrow's Nest.  I was still learning myself and my style.  As I grew and changed, I felt the name "Parlour" was a much better fit for myself and my aesthetic. And, here we are.  Five years, is a loooong time in the blogging community.  I have no idea where I will be.  I truly hope I will be running a successful design business here in KC and getting to blog about it still.

~Do you keep treats hidden in your desk for late night blog stalking? 

No desk, so no hiding.  Which might help me.  But, I'm not sure it really stops me from a little ice cream loving while reading!

~Favorite memory good or bad that came from blogging.

I have to admit, I had some really fantastic opportunities come about due to my blog.  One in particular was the opportunity to The Novogratzs.   It was quite the adventure in the big city sort of thing.  It was super hot and I had to try and look presentable after walking 10 blocks in 90 degree heat in heels.  Gotta love NYC.  The Novogratzs' were gracious enough to pretend not to notice the hair plastered to my forehead from sweat.  Yuck!

And, there you have it.  All my answers and then some!   Hope you all enjoyed it!  Thanks again for having me Amanda.  Very fun series you've got going here. 


Don't you just love her?
You totally shocked me with the incense...did not have you pegged for a hippie ;}
But that's what makes this behind the scenes so much fun.
Thanks again Nichole I adore you!


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