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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

After working on several bedrooms these last few weeks I started to realize I have several rules I tend to follow when designing one.

My number one desire is for my clients to have a restful retreat to run away to.
Some where they can go and shut the door i.e. the children or rest of the world out of.
When a client asks me which room they should start with I most always say the bedroom.
Think about it....most people spend more than half their time in the bedroom. 
Makes sense it should be a sanctuary.

My list is short and relatively simple but covers all the basics your room should need,
and the best part is it's not stuff you have to buy! 

1.  The Master Bedroom should be some part chic and some part masculine.

Lets face it, our man sleeps here too!
 You may be one of the lucky few who has a guy who says he just wants you to be happy...and to some extent he is honest, but NO man wants to sleep every night in a fluffy cloud of all things girly.
Add a little manliness to the space, it balances it out anyway.
They tend to be more relaxed in a room that is organized and clean.

2. Lighting

You should have plenty of options to dim the lighting and loose the harsh over head lights. 
It adds to the peacefulness for reading or makes for a romantic rendeveau.
If you can't wire in more lighting add lamps and candles.
It's no lie that we all look better in candle light.
Wink wink.

3. Buy the best bedding you can afford.

You spend so much time in your bed, make it an experience.
Splurge on this.

4. Always make your bed.

Mom wasn't wrong about this!
It's not just about it looking presentable it's about the experience of coming home to it. 
Who wants to come back to your plush hotel room to an unmade bed?
Your room should be held to as high of standards.
Withhold the chocolate if you must.

5. Zero out the clutter.

A room that is tidy and clean is relaxing.
Keep it to a minimum.
Your nightstand should only hold the necessities. 

There you have it.
5 simple tips anyone can do to make their bedroom a retreat.
Now go and pin this.
Together we can change the world one room at a time.



all images via pintrest and edited by {re}cycled consign and design

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