Monday, November 8, 2010

I am thrilled with how much fun our 1 Year Birthday party was! We had the best girls from Cedar come, such a great turn out! The food was awesome and the Christmas displays turned out beautiful. I put together a few picture highlights.

 I wanted to have a tree but not just your typical one, something that represented us, so we built a tree out of furniture. This picture really doesn't do it justice! It is really cool.

 Lots of textures and sticking to just the three colors made it a knock out!

 The food was made up of Parmigiana rosemary shortbread with cranberry chutney, southwest shooters, veggies, and red velvet truffles with red glitter. All catered by  Artful edibles.
 One of our awesome clients made us this arrangement...I can't find her card so as soon as I do I will update you.
 Carla and me dressed in our party white...we had the invites say to wear white, everyone rocked it.
 So busy!

 April Plummer and her brave husband...he was our only male of the night!

Thanks again for celebrating with us! Now on to 2 years!



  1. I LOVE your x-mas tree! Is that a birdcage?...I'm obsessed with birdcages right now...I might have all different sizes/shapes/colors with flowers/plants as center pieces for my wedding in June! :)

  2. Yes it's a wicker birdcage! I love weddings....congrats! I am sure it will be marvelous!


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