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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ok, I am going to show you a picture and I am hoping that you will try not to judge me! Right now I am sure you are gasping in horror at the room I am putting before you, thinking she usually shows us inspiring design...why such an incredibly depressing space? Well my answer is, look you see that my 20 month old is running an ipad just like his Daddy? He is sitting there like a big boy scrolling through his games and happy as can be! {My husband is pretty much doing the exact same thing} Boys never grow up! On a designer note the office is my work in progress. I swear it's the only unfinished space in my house and I have plans....really!

I really do have an idea for inspiration's kinda a DIY, I am wondering if I could pull it off? And if it could look cool?

I came across this image on pintrest, of some art made out of wallpaper scraps. Lord knows I have a huge amount of scrap rolls of paper in my amazingly decorated office. These are a few of what I have lying around, what do you think? Could it work? Would you try it?


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