We are in for a special treat today ladies! I have Alex from things that sparkle blog with us today to fill us in on all her nitty gritty must haves for spring! Take it away Alex....

Hi lovely readers! I am so excited that Amanda invited me over today, her blog is one of my absolute favorites!! This "Spring Fling" series is right up my alley too. In Chicago our winter gets a little bit long and having spring in the back of my mind is the only thing that saves me from insanity! So here are my top five must haves for my home in the spring.

            1. The biggest selling point for my condo was this roof deck.

So come spring my most important priority is to get this space in perfect shape. I wish I could have all the cushions reupholstered in bright pink but instead... Some adorable outdoor pillows will do the trick (these would replace the blue, dont worry!)
2.  There are definitely pros and cons of having a roof deck instead of a yard, my only real con is that I miss the greenery, so these vertical gardens would be the perfect solution. (via)

3. Now that spring is coming back, so is my absolute favorite flower. Peonies!! To make my house spring ready there will need to be bunches and bunches of these around. (via)

4.  Although I use a lot of restraint when adding color in my house, I love the idea of having this throw on my sofa to pack some spring punch. The pop of color would be such a welcome change from the massive fur throw that lives there during the winter. (via)


5. Last but not least...  is some spring cleaning. I want to get my house into perfect shape for this summer, clean out all the unnecessary crap I save and have it all really, perfectly organized. Wish me luck!! (via)


Hope you all enjoyed my must haves for spring! And thank you so much Amanda for having me!


Muah....isn't she lovely? I can't tell you how much I love her choices! Thanks for sharing your favorite Spring Flings with us, love you Alex!


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