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Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome back!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend with all the special Daddy's in your life.
We totally did...if you don't follow me on instagram, why not?? You can see scenes from our best weekend EVER.

I thought I would kick the Monday blues with something bright.
Neon to be exact.


Here is the story.
I don't love shorts.
They are always to short.
If they are not to short they don't come in anything cute.
Exhibit A:

Sorry if you are an offender of these but if someone like me wants longer shorts this is the option.
The model looks great but the clothes do nothing for her.
To baggy and weird pockets.
Not a lover.

I am loving neon at the moment.
You can get pants in all kinds of great neon colors for cheeeaap!
So I did this.


1. All the supplies

2. Measure to the length you want

3. Fold up and whip stick with another funky color...I choose hot pink
Just do the side of each leg for a cute little detail.

Yup....I posted some embarrassing self pics just for your viewing pleasure.
I adore you that much.

Now I have cute shorts.


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  1. gorgeous, checking it now! Love the shoes, the black/white pants would probably get more wear but I totally see you rocking the green ones, they are more you ;)
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