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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lets have a discussion.
Real or fake.

No we are not talking about house plants or boobs today.

I wanna chat about taxidermy.

{shits and giggles}

I get countless catalogs for new decor in my shop, and almost every company makes their own version of the dead mount for the wall.

No don't get your panties all in a tizzy.
This is just a talk, I am not packing a gun.

The debat. 

Real deal or Faux.

Now I know Unicorns are not real but I would take this pair in a nano second.

Might even sell a kidney for this feathered friend.

I am not a hunter and really know very little about this past time, I would also probably cry if I saw these alive one moment and dead the next....but come on, how cool would this debinair beast be in a room.

Maybe it's the strange and unique factor that has me breathless....I really don't feel the same about a giant moose, elk or bear head in a space???
And I don't care how big it's rack is.

Call me a hypocrite, but those freak me out!
Just keeping it real...or is it fake?

As a disclaimer I am not in anyway encouraging the hunting of helpless lovely animals {especially  unicorns...those are super rare}
But lets pretend these died of natural causes and they are just getting a second life.

So would you do real?


All images via pinterest, boards made by {re}cycled

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