A dark version of romance.........

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Remember a few weeks back when I shared some peeks of a photo shoot I was styling and shooting in my store?
Duh well if you don't you must not be following my instagram {recycleddesign} get it!
Working with my fav photographer  Sara and a new friend Jami, was a real treat.
And buckets of fun.
Today is the day....the full reveal.
It's good....sooo good.

Valentine’s Day.

 A day of clich├ęs. Longing hearts, roses as red as blood dripping from every corner. Gluttonous chocolates wrapped in pretty boxes and luxurious gifts seducing you to unwrap them.
Valentine’s Day, A day filled with love. The hope of romance, the chance of a spark, and the kindling of old flames.
Ideas of glitter and pretty pinks and reds with floating paper hearts and sparkly lights, that’s what you usually see when photos are stylized for Valentine’s Day photo shoots. With the Deviant Valentine shoot, we wanted it to be unexpected, and a little dark. We wanted to capture those typical commercial elements of Valentines; things like roses, chocolates, hearts and diamonds and focus more on their darker, more provocative side.
What is this holiday day really about?
Underneath all of the frill and amorous Hallmark-ridden sentiments of the holiday, the real sentiments lie.
Angst. Tragic love. Forbidden passions. Blood and tears and hearts shattered on the floor.  A murdered man, who as his last act, pinned a note to his love that simply read,
"From your Valentine."
A deviant valentine.
And there it was. A morbid twist on the typical commercial elements of Valentine’s day:
Hearts. Roses. Chocolates. Luxury.
Or, as we wanted to portray it, a type of “deadly sins” of the holiday.
Broken hearts. Roses like blood. Gluttony. Frivolous overspending, drowning in luxury.
We present to you,
A Deviant Valentine




All images via Sara Ursua and Jami Leavitt 
Styled by yours truly.
Hair by: Lacy @ Laced Hair
Sexy model: Elyse Beard
Shot on location at {re}cycled consign and design


  1. OMG!!! These are fab! ANd I love the theme...so extravagant and daring. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Have a great day. xo

  3. Daaaaaaang...you weren't kidding...those are so fabulously deviant (c; And omg, those luxe shots are to die for!!!

  4. Wooh! Girl, those are amazing! I've been wondering for while what it was going to be! Happy V-day!

    Much Love,

  5. Wow! Your photographer and MUA did a fantastic job! It always pays to have the best of both worlds!


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