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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's time for a holiday post...and who better to team up with than some good friends! I had the pleasure of collaborating with LaTisha, Lacy, and Karynn to pull together some of our favorite Holiday looks to get you all geared up for parties.  We each have such different styles thats its fun to share how to dress it up or down.

LaTisha's Look: Sequin Beanie // Mens Wear Blazer Vest // Pink Floyd Tee // Sequin Pant

My Look: Emerald Beanie // 90's Baseball Tee // Holiday Walker Jacket // Sequin Skirt

Lacy's Look: BOY Tee in White // Black Vegan Bomber Jacket // Sequin Skirt

Most of these pieces can be purchased from our online store, so be sure to pop in before they are gone! The sequin pieces are all from Cascia's Closet. For links to the accessories check out my instagram @recycleddesign! Also check out LaTisha's and Lacy's post to see their favorite images from our freezing cold shoot with the talented Karynn

{All images by BloomShoot Photography}

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